Men's Health Week 14th-20th June 2021 - The can-do challenge

This year the theme for the week is “the can-do challenge”. Most people’s mental health has been challenged during the pandemic and lockdowns. With what we hope will be the end of restrictions now in sight there are many unanswered questions, concerns and anxieties remaining. Men’s health week 2021 asks: How do we move forward?

The Can-do challenge is based around five ways to improve wellbeing and calls for people to get involved by trying to engage in one per day.

  • Monday – Connect

Connecting with others is a big part of positive mental wellbeing this could consist of just picking up the phone and calling an old friend someone you haven’t spoken to much or at all over the pandemic period. #ConnectMonday

  • Tuesday - Be physically active

Physical health has an impact on your mental health so get moving! Go for a walk, jog, swim

or run depending on your fitness level any movement is good movement! #ActiveTuesday