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Men's Health Week 14th-20th June 2021 - The can-do challenge

This year the theme for the week is “the can-do challenge”. Most people’s mental health has been challenged during the pandemic and lockdowns. With what we hope will be the end of restrictions now in sight there are many unanswered questions, concerns and anxieties remaining. Men’s health week 2021 asks: How do we move forward?

The Can-do challenge is based around five ways to improve wellbeing and calls for people to get involved by trying to engage in one per day.

Man in workshop on the phone
  • Monday – Connect

Connecting with others is a big part of positive mental wellbeing this could consist of just picking up the phone and calling an old friend someone you haven’t spoken to much or at all over the pandemic period. #ConnectMonday

  • Tuesday - Be physically active

Physical health has an impact on your mental health so get moving! Go for a walk, jog, swim

or run depending on your fitness level any movement is good movement! #ActiveTuesday

  • Wednesday – Notice

Take a break and take notice of your environment, try taking some time away from screens and get outside. #NoticeWednesday

  • Thursday – Discover

Try your hand at learning something new, perhaps a new skill or maybe just read a book you have been wanting to read but have never got around to. #DiscoverThursday

  • Friday – Offer

2 men in masks touching elbows

Do something for someone else, perhaps volunteer for a local community group or help your friend wash the car anything that you can do to support someone else. #OfferFriday

Did you know that three times as many men die from suicide than women and that men aged between 40-49 have the highest suicide rate in the UK?

One in eight men have a common mental health problem such as depression or anxiety, with figures so high its surprising that only 36% of NHS referrals to talking therapies are men especially as men are almost three times more likely to become dependent on alcohol due to ill mental health.

Stereotypical gender roles have lingered for years stating that men must be strong creating a “man up” culture, this could be one of the reasons men are less likely to talk about their feelings or show their emotions. One of the aims of men’s health week is to try and get men to open up to those around them and discover that they are not alone, many are feeling the same way and there is help and support out there.

5 men in black t shirts

For more information on men’s health week, how to get involved, free support tools and to donate please visit the official site

Why not show your support especially this week and get involved or reach out to the important men in your life and get them involved with you! There is strength in numbers!

Let’s help and support each other, create a new culture that cares and help open that door and keep it open!


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