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ISO 45003 Certification



The total annual cost of poor mental health to employers has increased by 25% since 2019, now totalling between £53-56 billion in 2020-21 (Deloitte 2022).  

This new ISO Standard has been developed by the International Organisation of Standardisation so that organisations can identify the conditions, circumstances and workplace demands that may have the potential to impair the psychological health and well-being of workers.


ISO 45003 therefore contains a set of detailed guidelines that aim to give employers practical help on how to manage psychosocial risk in the workplace. This helps organisations to develop a structure that allows them to identify primary risk factors and assess them to discover what changes can improve their working environment.

The Benefits of ISO 45003

Improve Resilience

With better risk management and a strong support network, workplaces will be able to adapt to potentially stressful situations or changes while maintaining the mental health of workers.

Improve Recruitment

By having processes in place to support and protect workers, organisations can retain a diverse workforce and make their workplace a more attractive place for potential recruits.

Enhance Productivity

Stress and other mental hazards can impair the productivity of workers. With better wellbeing, workers can increase their efficiency.

Safer Remote Working

The standard takes these aspects of modern-day work into consideration so that employers can develop processes that protect workers who don’t work in the organisation’s buildings or during usual working hours.

Reduce Absenteeism

Mental ill health can lead to workers needing time off to recover. With processes in place to protect workers from psychosocial hazards, you can help to reduce absenteeism and the time needed for staff to regain their mental fitness.

Legal Compliance

It is a legal requirement for employers to protect workers and have risk assessments in place to protect their wellbeing. These guidelines help to ensure this requirement is met.

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