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Wide View of the Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards
Our Most Requested Leadership Series of 22/23


Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards

The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Series, which Wellity co-founded in 2021, recognises the people and organisations who are helping to make a true difference to the lives of our nation’s working population. 

The awards were introduced with the purpose of acknowledging and promoting the remarkable initiatives undertaken by numerous employers, service providers, and individuals in addressing our worldwide wellbeing crisis. The programme shines a spotlight on those positively changing the lives of the Great British workforce.

The shift in the wellbeing culture is no longer merely a luxury but a significant strategic concern. This program aims to highlight and acknowledge companies that prioritize workplace wellbeing as a central aspect of their business. 

We urge HR teams and business leaders to invite their employees to listen to leaders from various sectors discuss the challenges posed by the global wellbeing crisis, which has become a critical focus in the corporate world.

Ahead of the our 2024 Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards, we are delighted to share with you an updated list of categories, encompassing all industries and sectors. ​

  • Founders Choice: Industry Trailblazer

  • Recognition for Excellence and Outstanding Engagement

  • Male Health Advocate

  • Female Health Advocate

  • Support Network of the Year

  • Best Employee Network & Resource Group

  • Best DE&I Initiative

  • Wellbeing Team of the Year

  • Most Inspiring Senior Leader of the Year

  • Most Inspiring HR Leader of the Year

  • Most Inspiring Employee of the Year

  • Lifetime Commitment to Wellbeing

  • Breaking the Silence Award

  • Best Wellbeing Service Provider

  • Best Wellbeing in the Workplace Strategy: SME

  • Best Wellbeing in the Workplace Strategy: Public Sector

  • Best Wellbeing in the Workplace Strategy: Large Company

  • Best Wellbeing in the Workplace Strategy: Emergency Service’s

  • Best Use of Tech

  • Best Physical Wellbeing Initiative

  • Best Mental Wellbeing Initiative

  • Best Financial Wellbeing Initiative

Our Judging Line Up

We consider ourselves to be incredibly fortunate and privileged to be supported by some of the UK's leading business experts. Their unwavering commitment to recognising and championing excellence in the space of workplace wellbeing brings an unparalleled level of expertise to our Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards. 

With their extensive knowledge, remarkable insights and combined decades of experience, their contributions are invaluable to help us celebrate the outstanding achievements of all nominees. 


Workplace Wellbeing Conference

The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Virtual Conference brought together experts, leading employers and advocates from different sectors of the UK economy to discuss, challenge and shine a light on the significant challenges faced by the workforce of today.

The  virtual conference enabled HR professionals and other key stakeholders to come together for a day of learning, support and collaboration; hearing from expert speakers in HR, diversity, equity and inclusion, and workplace wellbeing.

In 2023, we took a deep dive into eight core themes, including:

  • Four the Love of Work: Should We All Be Embracing the Four-Day Week?

  • The Perils of Flexwashing - Making Flexible Workplaces Work

  • Unocking the Secret to a Happier Workplace: How Can Leaders Nurture Positive Mental Health

  • From Surviving to Thriving: Managing Burnout and Navigating the Recovery Process in the Workplace

  • Navigating the Cost of Living Crisis: Financial Support and Benefits for Employees in the Modern Workplace

  • Shattering the Stigma: Empowering Women’s Health in the Workplace

  • Overcoming the Taboo: Empowering the Workplace to Address Addiction Head-On

  • Creating Inclusive Recruitment and Management Practices for Neurodivergent Talent

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