We cover a broad range of training topics related to workplace wellbeing, all delivered by a global expert. Content is created specifically to meet the needs of the audience; we pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions and training can be available in 1hr, 2hr, half day or full day formats based on your organisational needs. 

Below you will see some of our most popular training for 2021. All can be delivered virtually or on-site. 

Training Courses

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Training for National Stress Awareness Day 2021

We have a number of courses that are suitable to support you and your staff for National Stress Awareness Day. This includes sessions on Stress Management, Resilience and Stress Awareness for Managers.

The sharing of mental health experiences is a great step towards normalising the conversation around this topic, with this opportunity also comes responsibility. We have released the "Signposting and Safeguarding Guide" to help educate those who want to share their own experiences to help others.

For All Staff 

For Leadership