Wellity Training 

We cover a range of training topics related to workplace wellbeing and all content is customised based on our pre-training consultation and training needs analysis. Click the image below to download our brochure.


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All training is delivered by a global expert and the content is created specifically to meet the needs of the audience; we pride ourselves on creating extremely innovative solutions using a range of content, including engaging training/promotional videos.


The Five Pillars 

We base our services on the premise that a true sense of wellbeing involves the consideration of several different elements of self-care into our lives to provide an expansive and sophisticated approach that moves beyond simple physical and mental health.

These are:

  • Physical Wellbeing 

  • Mental Wellbeing

  • Social Wellbeing

  • Personal Development

  • Financial Wellbeing


As part of our training consultation and needs analysis, we gather data specifically understand the needs of your people across all five pillars, emphasising that we all operate on a continuum on each level. To provide a learning solution that is fit for purpose, we deem it essential that we understand where your people are placed on each area of the wheel.



Looking to equip your internal staff with the framework to deliver training in key areas? 

We provide the tools and knowledge for your in-house staff to deliver memorable and impactful training, honing their facilitation skills using our range of materials and resources. 

Looking for additional support to deliver an in-house wellbeing course? Contact us today. 


Train the Trainer

Engagement Videos

We work closely with our clients to develop customised training solutions. Our services include the development of training videos to promote the sessions internally and also to be used within the training to bring the content to life. We work hard to create an engaging, inspiring learning experience to evoke powerful change. 

This video was designed as part of a customised training package developed for managers on the subject of Understanding Suicide.

Throughout the year we design packages to meet the needs of the global workforce. 

New for 2021 we are proud to announce our KICKSTART programme exclusively designed as a comprehensive curriculum brought to you by global subject matter experts.

Want to know more? Click the image to download the brochure. 




Thrive Training Seminar 

This exclusive training session has been designed for the challenges of the present day. 



  • Discovering the power of mental strength and purpose and the determination to find a way through difficult times 

  • Learning the importance of joy and gratitude and how to optimise levels of positivity

  • Identifying ways to enhance levels of resilience

  • Harnessing the power of mindfulness and learning

  • Exploring how to manage energy for sustainable performance

  • Establishing a way to feel empowered and in control in difficult and changing times


Coping in an Uncertain World - E-Learning Course 

This cloud based e-learning course can be available on demand for your staff to access at a time that suits them most. Available via a simple link, it can quickly be distributed across your entire workforce to show you commitment to their wellbeing in the face of the crisis.