Wellity Services

We have the know-how you need because sometimes it can be hard to know how to improve your wellbeing strategy.


As part of our services, we offer:

  • A free audit of your wellbeing strategy

  • A needs analysis of your current strengths and weaknesses 

  • A gap analysis to explore where further intervention is required. 

  • The design and delivery of a totally new and bespoke wellbeing strategy for your organisation.

The Wellity 5 Stage Strategy

We work with clients to design and develop wellbeing programmes that work. Our comprehensive strategy uses a framework based on addressing the needs of your people across our five stage intervention model. Expanding on data driven and globally recognised best practice, we create an inclusive and bespoke plan to drive positive change at every level. 

  £8 for every £1 invested. 

Average client ROI. 

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Improving the psychological wellbeing of a workforce demands an approach that is proactive and adapts to the needs of the people and the challenges that they face with authentic leadership and the creation of a psychologically safe working environment. 

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Wellbeing Accreditation

Born from a desire to promote the commitment of those demonstrating best practice in the industry, the team at Wellity developed the Wellity certification scheme, helping organisations to comply with the ISO 45003 due to be published in Summer 2021.


The standard can be used as a framework for the accreditation of organisations demonstrating excellence in their approach to employee wellbeing and proven level of quality assurance at three levels: organisation, process, and individual. 

Our standard has been designed for organisations wishing to demonstrate their compliance with the relevant regulations

and is awarded at a gold, silver or bronze level. 

Psychosocial Risk Management 

It is vital that every organisation has a comprehensive understanding of the stressors that staff may be subjected to and the ways these can be managed. Our psychosocial risk assessment includes:

  • A confidential and customised assessment of your organisation. These are generally based on the HSE Management Standards, BSI PAS 1010 and further customised to your organisational needs. 

  • Fully supported process, from initial consultation and survey design to data analysis and action plan execution.

  • Regular updates and feedback to management.

  • Comprehensive report of findings, recommendations for training, expert guidance in improving employee and manager performance and policy implementations.

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The Process  



Our Wellity Pulse is designed to gather key data and feedback from your employees in relation to their wellbeing and their work. It provides you with the insight to understand the issues faced with recommendations being made for suitable changes and interventions.


This survey can explore key areas in relation to staff wellbeing, covering subjects such as motivation, engagement, work life balance and stress levels. Our comprehensive report provides you with real-time data and analytics and recommendations for action.



Our consultation features a deep dive exploration into the issues faced by your staff using a range of tools.


This includes the facilitation of focus groups to explore key hazards faced by the workforce to provide a safe and informed space for the sharing of ideas, coping strategies and ways to tackle common challenges.