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Wellity October International Training

The Wellity team have been operating at full throttle in recent weeks. Spread across the globe, we have been orchestrating in-person training sessions in three dynamic locations: Washington, Budapest, and London.

Washington DC International Training

The Cultural Compass Programme

As part of our international travel we had the privilege to continue working with an incredible group of leaders in Washington DC, as part of The Cultural Compass Programme. This transformative initiative has been a beacon for attendees, providing them with the skills necessary to envision the future, develop their abilities, and build stronger teams. The Programme led attendees on a journey, challenging them to step out of their comfort zones and navigate difficulties.

In today’s fast paced and ever-changing business environment, transformational leadership is essential for organisations to thrive. Transformational leaders are those who can inspire their teams, challenge them to open their minds to change, and create a culture of accountability, collaboration, and innovation.

The Cultural Compass Programme was designed to instil transformational leadership skills in attendees, make a life-changing impact / legacy and create leaders for the future. The programme combines live training, self-paced work, peer groups, group coaching and 1-1 coaching to create a comprehensive learning experience.

Budapest International Training

Mentally F.I.T. Leadership

In Budapest, the Wellity team embarked on an extraordinary journey with their leadership program, igniting the spark of leadership potential in every participant. The international training was a transformative experience that went beyond the traditional concept of leadership. Through the Mentally F.I.T. Leadership programme, attendees were not only guided in honing their leadership skills but were also empowered to become mentally literate individuals.

Based on over forty years’ experience in leadership and training, this comprehensive programme combined theoretical knowledge and practical experience, strategically applying established management theory to the challenges faced in the modern day. The programme equipped leaders with the tools to become mentally literate and focus on a compassionate, people-centric approach in supporting their teams.

International Advocate for Mental Health

Alongside our leadership programme in Budapest, we also launched our International Advocate for Mental Health Programme designed for those who are passionate about promoting mental health, spreading awareness, and proving critical resources and assistance to their colleagues. Attendees embarked on a journey, gaining the knowledge and tools necessary to be champions of mental wellbeing in the workplaces and communities.

In a connected world, mental health knows no boundaries. IAMH training recognises the vital role of virtual support and offer consistent training to global teams. It is a global community that embraces mental wellbeing, empowers individuals, and fosters a culture of thriving that spans all geographical locations.

International Mental Health Advocates (IAMH) serve as committed individuals who actively promote mental health, heighten awareness, and offer resources and assistance to colleagues. The training taught mental health in a worldwide context and statistics and included non-medical approaches and cultural variations in mental health. Our advocated will act as the first line of defence in identifying and addressing mental health concerns, proving early intervention and support. IAMH promotes the standardisation of mental health support globally, fostering collaboration and ensuring that individuals can access constant resources and assistance, no matter where they are in the world.

London International Training

Disrupting Digital Burnout & Electrify Your Life

Our Wellity co-founders, Sadie Restorick and Simon Scott-Nelson, recently journeyed to London with the purpose of delivering a session to one of our valued clients. The venue chosen for this engagement was the lively and unique Bounce. The session they conducted was centred on the pivotal theme of ‘Disrupting Digital Burnout’. The programme was designed to empower attendees with the knowledge and strategies essential for effectively disconnecting from the constant digital demands of modern life and re-establishing a harmonious work life balance.

The modern working world has been driven by a rapid advancement in technological growth. Over the years the way we communicate in this digital world has transformed working behaviours, compelling workers to be plugged in 24/7 and having a direct correlation with stress, anxiety, and burnout. In this session we helped attendees to get their sense of work life balance back, redefining their priorities and exploring ways to mentally and digitally switch off, particularly in a hybrid world.

Thank you to all our clients who aspire to be #BetterEveryDay!

For any information on these programmes, contact our team at

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