Time To Talk Day

Updated: May 12, 2021

In the 10 minute video below (Real Talk Episode 5) Simon Scott-Nelson talks to Psychological Risk Specialist Sadie Restorick MSc about Time To Talk Day, what 'stigma' actually is and what businesses can do to encourage and support the conversation around mental health.

It was also the day of our PA Network's Big Night Off with Pam Warren, in support of Time to Change and Time to Talk Day!! ✅

Pam Warren survived the Ladbroke Grove Rail Crash which killed 31 people and injured 417. Also known as the Paddington Rail Disaster, it is one of the worst rail accidents in 20th Century British history.

Pam was known as the 'Lady in the Mask' due to the horrific injuries she sustained after the diesel canisters under her cabin erupted into a massive fireball that engulfed her. During this Wellity event, Pam recalled her last thoughts as she saw the explosion hurtling towards her and talks about the resilience and positive mindset that helped her overcome the inevitable barriers that followed in order to deal with #change.

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