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The Wildlife Trust - Wellity are now a Corporate Silver Member!

With many studies showing nature having direct links to mental health and wellbeing here at Wellity Global it is very important to us all.

That is why we have invested in the Wildlife Trust as a Corporate Silver Member!

We love the Wildlife Trust and their vision and mission statements:

Our vision is of people close to nature, with land and seas rich in wildlife.
Our mission is to bring about living landscapes, living seas and a society where nature matters.

Our COO Sadie Restorick and CEO Simon Scott-Nelson recently met up with Grant Maton, Corporate Communications Officer at the Wildlife Trust and had a lovely morning stroll at Belfair's wood, park and nature reserve.

The Wildlife trust work on land and sea all over the country helping to improve life for wildlife and people together. They have been working tirelessly for over a century to save wildlife and wild places but also helping people become closer to nature. They look after more than 2,300 nature reserves which cover 104,000 hectares, with each hectare being equivalent to a football field!

They operate more than 100 visitor and education centres in every part of the UK, Alderney and the Isle of Man.

They work closely with schools, colleges, universities, farmers, fishermen, companies big and small, community groups, environmental organisations, lotteries, charitable trusts and organisations, politicians and local and national governments. Together they are tackling the climate and nature crisis. Starting with the ambition of 30% of the UK’s land and seas connected and protected for nature by 2030 so that we might all enjoy a wilder future!

As well as conserving nature on land the wildlife trust are focussing a lot on wildlife at sea. Around half the UK’s wildlife lives in the sea, from microscopic plankton to mighty whales. Decades of neglect have left our seas damaged and degraded. There are not enough protected areas at sea, the fishing industry is over fishing meaning species are becoming endangered or extinct and oil rigs and wind farms are being positioned at sea without thought for the damage they may cause the area.

What is the Wildlife Trust doing?

  • Campaigning for Marine protected areas – Campaigning for parts of the seabed and sea to be protected from damaging activities.

  • Fisheries policy – Introducing balanced fishing policies that protect the marine environment and ensure sustainability in the industry.

  • Surveying – Running surveys along the coast and under the sea to gather information on habitats and wildlife.

  • Advising on development – Helping to ensure that developments at sea, such as wind farms, avoid important areas.

  • Inspiring people about the sea – Running events around the coast from talks to rockpool rambles and snorkel safaris!

The trust is currently working hard to ensure that their wildlife legislation is not weakened now the UK has left the EU as 80% of their legislation is from the European union. The Trust is campaigning to make sure that the existing EU laws that protect our environment are transferred to UK law. As well as making sure to protect current laws in the move they are campaigning for enforcement and more ambitious laws to protect wildlife and nature as a whole!

To keep and eye on their journey and progress or to see what you can do to get involved visit the site

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