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The B2B Marketing Expo 2023

Here at Wellity we are excited to announce that our co-founders, Sadie Restorick and Simon Scott-Nelson will be delivering a keynote presentation at The B2B Marketing Expo 2023. Join us at the ExCeL London as they lead a thought provoking session on ‘Disrupting Digital Burnout: Discovering How to Switch Off’, on November 30th at 11.45am.

The modern working world has been driven by a rapid advancement in technological growth. Over the years the way we communicate in this digital world has transformed working behaviours, compelling workers to be plugged in 24/7 and having a direct correlation with stress, anxiety, and burnout. This keynote will help attendees to get their sense of work life balance back, redefining their priorities and exploring ways to mentally and digitally switch off particularly in a hybrid world.

The session assesses the psychological repercussions of being constantly available around the clock and delve into the significance of setting boundaries, non-negotiables, and limits in this context. Additionally, the session aims to identify effective strategies for disengaging from work when operating in remote or hybrid environments and to comprehend techniques for achieving mental and digital detachment.

This event is entirely free to attend, and we are eagerly anticipating the presence of both familiar and new face in our audience. The gathering promises to be a source of valuable insights and inspiration, and we can’t wait to actively engage with each and every one of you.

What is the B2B Marketing Expo 2023?

The B2B Marketing Expo 2023 is a premier event that serves as a hub for professionals in the business-to-business marketing industry. Located at the London ExCeL, this expo provides a dynamic platform for marketers, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers to explore the latest trends, cutting-edge tools, and innovative strategies in the B2B marketing landscape. With a range of industry experts, keynote speakers, and exhibitors, the event offers attendees a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights, network with peers, and stay ahead in this ever-evolving field.

The expo delivered innovative and inspiration to sales and marketing professionals so that they can transform the way they work and drive their organisational growth. Whether your seeking to enhance your marketing strategies, discovering new technologies, or connect with like-minded professionals, the B2B is a must-attend event that continues to shape the future of B2B marketing.

The B2B Marketing Expo 2023 Speakers

Simon Scott-Nelson - Wellity Co-Founder

Simon Scott-Nelson - Co-founder of Wellity Global

Simon Scott-Nelson is co-founder of Wellity Global, the workplace training consultancy which is now in 70 countries and has trained over 1,000,000 employees worldwide. He has also co-founded The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards and The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Conference.

As an international keynote speaker, Simon has presented at global conferences delivering powerful sessions which demonstrate the business and leadership case for developing healthy working cultures and evoking change. Specific areas of expertise lie within high-performing executive teams and transformation of perspectives and behaviours.

A global wellbeing consultant, speaker, facilitator, and panel host, Simon has also interviewed numerous celebrities including Jonny Wilkinson, Deborah Meaden, and Wynne Evans on the subject of wellbeing, and has chaired multiple wellbeing events and campaigns for some of the largest global companies. Simon is a member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management and is also the Chair of the National Institute of Sales Professionals, Mental Health, and Wellbeing Committee.

Throughout his career, Simon has worked with executives, leaders, and HR professionals across multiple industries and sectors spanning numerous geographical regions, conducting strategy gap analysis and training recommendations, and has been interviewed across various channels, including national press and television, to discuss industry specific challenges and resolutions around the global workplace wellbeing space.

Sadie Restorick - Wellity Co-Founder

Sadie Restorick - Co-founder of Wellity Global

Sadie Restorick is Co-founder of Wellity Global and The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards. She is a global speaker, consultant, author and published academic scholar who has specialised in the field of workplace wellbeing and psychological risk management for over thirteen years, driving culture change and leadership development. She is a BA Communications graduate and has extensively studied training needs analysis and design and theories of communication within groups and organisations.

She holds a diploma in Mental Health Awareness and a diploma with distinction from the Fellowship of Associated Stress Consultants. She has also been awarded an MSc with Distinction in Workplace Health and Wellbeing from the globally recognised University of Nottingham. Specific areas of study include the phenomenon of presenteeism, creating psychological cultures, the effectiveness of interventions for tackling stress in the workplace, the impact of digital overload and burnout and the dynamics of leadership.

Great British Businesswoman of The Year Finalist 2022, Sadie is a Professional Member of the International Stress Management Association, The Association of Business Psychologists, the Institute of Occupational Health, and the International Institute of Risk Safety Management. She is recognised as a global leader in her field, having worked with some of the largest organisations around the world and has appeared across the international press and online business communities such as the Chartered Management Institute and NatWest Business Hub. Sadie is an internationally recognised keynote speaker, presenting at events including the Wellbeing Summit 2020 and Corporate Wellbeing Expo, European Business Show and has presented her published academic research on work-related stress at the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology Conference.

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