So, What is a toxic work culture?

A toxic workplace environment can be made up from a variety of different things.

It is sometimes hard to identify when the culture is becoming toxic and often the discovery is made when it is already too late, and a complaint is made, or employee(s) are lost. According to Breathe Culture Economy’s 2020 report 1 in 5 Brits quit their job due to toxic workplace culture.

A toxic environment can begin to form at any workplace no matter the industry. If the atmosphere is not inviting, if the workload is too much for an individual to complete on time and to a high standard and if the people do not build and maintain good working relationships then the decline can be very quick. Studies have shown that 3 in 10 people have reported that their workplace culture makes them irritable at home.

Some important indicators to look out for:

Low Morale at work I am not talking the Monday blues or occasional down days which many people experience I am talking a big black cloud over the workplace with low energy and a generally dreary day to day environment.