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REAL TALK - Why we are promoting Brew Monday (and debunking the myth of Blue Monday!)

'Blue Monday' doesn't exist - it is NOT a real thing!

Today is typically cited to be the most depressing day of the year – usually the third Monday of January.

However, there is a no evidence to back up this claim and it allegedly originated as part of an advertising campaign by Sky Travel (who claim to have calculated the date using an equation!)

The mental health charity 'Mind' have worked hard to dispel the myth around 'Blue Monday' as it leads to damaging misconceptions and trivialises depression.

Samaritans launched 'BREW MONDAY' in 2019, so instead we are encouraging people to make a cuppa and talk - hence what we are doing here at Wellity Real Talk! ✅

In this video, filmed early on this notorious day, Sadie Restorick MSc and I discuss what helps us when we are feeling down, what we have been doing lately and some techniques to help overcome that feeling of 'blue.'

Topics include, 'giving back', 'gratitude', 'self-compassion' and the three things you can do today to re-frame the mindset for yourself and your teams.

Watch the video below!

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