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Press Release - Corporate Charity Partnership with Shawmind

Press release Immediate release: 25th September 2020

Wellity announce Shawmind as a charity partner

Global workplace wellbeing company Wellity have announced their corporate charity partnership with mental health education charity Shaw Mind.

Wellity Global, a company specialising in improving employee health and wellbeing, have raised thousands of pounds for various mental health charities in the past. They have now voted to support Shawmind and their Headucation campaign, which is aimed at improving children’s mental health by ensuring their teachers are equipped to understand mental health.

Simon Scott-Nelson, CEO of Wellity, explains: “75% of diagnosable mental health conditions are present before the age of eighteen. We really believe that to help make a real difference across society, early intervention and support is critical. This has to start with educating teachers in how to recognise the signs of concern and then act.”

In 2017, the Shawmind Headucation campaign raised 103,000 signatures for a parliamentary debate which led to compulsory mental health education in schools from the September 2020 school year. The aim is now to mobilise corporate sponsors and individuals to help bring about a transformation in the mental health of the next generation.

Wellity COO, Sadie Restorick MSc MABP, explained, “Every day we work with organisations to help tackle stigma and create working cultures where people can talk openly about their mental health. The earlier we can start in normalising the conversation around wellbeing, the better. This means targeting the younger generation and training those around them, such as teachers and support staff.”

Shaw Mind is a charity on a mission to improve mental health awareness. They are committed to educating individuals and organisations so they understand mental health & emotional wellbeing, and how to manage them effectively to lead successful, fulfilled lives.

Peter Wingrove, CEO at Shaw Mind, says: “We are immensely grateful to Simon, Sadie and the rest of the Wellity team for their support of our charity and their commitment to promoting the Headucation cause. Making sure that the next generation is not failed in terms of their mental health and wellbeing is at the core of the Headucation project and with Wellity's help we can encourage other organisations to join in our plan to train all teachers in basic mental health awareness.”

For any further questions about mental health support in organisations or schools, or the Headucation campaign, please contact or

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