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Predict to Prevent – A risk-Based Approach to Psychological Health and Safety Webinar

In today’s dynamic business environment, taking proactive measures is crucial for organisational success, especially concerning psychological health and safety in the workplace. Join us for an engaging and hands-on seminar where we will delve into the practical aspects of adopting a risk-based approach to optimise psychological health and safety.

This psychological health and safety webinar is proudly hosted by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM), ensuring a valuable and insightful experience for all participants.

It will run on Tuesday 19th March from 1-2pm (GMT)

Key Highlights:

  • Understand why identifying, assessing, and mitigating psychosocial risk should be top priority in your strategy.

  • Explore the intricate web of psychosocial risks that employees encounter, both externally and internally.

  • Learn how to systematically evaluate potential hazards to your employees' psychological wellbeing.

  • Delve deep into ISO 45003's framework, which categorises risk controls into primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions.

  • Understand how these interventions can be strategically employed to predict, prevent, and mitigate psychosocial risks.

Sadie Restorick

Webinar Speaker

Sadie Restorick, Co-founder, Wellity Global

Sadie Restorick is co-founder of Wellity Global and The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards. She is a global speaker, consultant, trainer, author and published academic scholar who has specialised in the field of workplace wellbeing and psychosocial risk management for over thirteen years, driving culture change leadership development. Sadie is a BA Communications graduate and has extensively studied training needs analysis and design and theories of communication within groups and organisations.

She holds a diploma in Mental Health Awareness and a diploma with distinction from the Fellowship of Associated Stress Consultants. She has also been awarded an MSc with Distinction in Workplace Health and Wellbeing from the globally recognised University of Nottingham. Specific areas of study include the phenomenon of presenteeism, the effectiveness of interventions for tackling stress in the workplace, the impact of digital overload and burnout and the dynamics of leadership.

Great British Businesswoman of The Year Finalist 2022, Sadie is a Professional Member of the International Stress Management Association, The Association of Business Psychologists, the Institute of Occupational Health, and the International Institute of Risk Safety Management. She is recognised as a global leader in her field, having worked with some of the largest organisations around the world and has appeared across the international press and online business communities.

Sadie is an internationally recognised keynote speaker, presenting at events including the Wellbeing Summit 2020 and Corporate Wellbeing Expo, European Business Show and has presented her published academic research on work-related stress at the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology Conference.

What is Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace?

Psychological health and safety in the workplace refer to the conditions and practices that contribute to mental wellbeing of employees whole ensuring a safe and supportive work environment. It encompasses various factors, including the social, organisational =, and environmental aspects that influence an individual’s psychological state at work.

A psychological healthy and safe workplace recognises and addresses stressors, promotes work-life balance, fosters positive relationships among colleagues, and encourages open communications.

Employers play a crucial role in implementing policies and practices that support mental health, such as proving resources for coping with stress, addressing bullying or harassment, and promoting a culture of inclusivity and respect. Prioritising psychological health and safety not only benefits the wellbeing of employees but also enhances organisational performance and productivity.

IIRSM Partnership and Accredited Courses

The International Institute for Risk and Safety Management, also known as the IIRSM, is an independent, educational charity that promotes risk management with the aim of improving employee and organisational wellbeing.

IIRSM’s framework supports the belief that risk management should be part of everyone’s responsibilities and it is a transferable skill form any sector, geographical location, organisation, and job role. Programmes approved by the IIRSM serve as a testament to the training meeting the high-quality standards set by the IIRSM’s Training Approval Scheme.

At Wellity Global, as well as working with many industry experts, we actively seek independent evaluations of our courses to guarantee compliance with industry benchmarks. This endorsement from IIRSM serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and signifies that our programmes have been recognised and accredited for their high quality.

Our IIRSM approved programmes include:

  • The B.O.I.L.I.N.G. Point Programme

  • The Suicide Prevention Programme: Be The Light

  • IAMH – International Advocate for Mental Health

  • Ice and Fire: Leading Through Change

  • The C.P.R. Programme

For further information on this webinar, contact our team at


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