People are still hiding their mental health problems at work!

Three-quarters of employees say they would not be likely to seek support from their manager

if they were experiencing a mental health problem, according to a poll from the mental health charity Mind.

Often the main concern people have about sharing their mental health struggle is that they will be perceived as weak, failing or not good enough. In reality mental illness is common, and more and more people are realising this. If you had fallen and broken your foot for example you wouldn’t hide this from your boss as you would need to adapt the way that you did your work so as not to make the injury worse, mental health should be treated in the same way!

One in four adults in the UK will experience a mental health condition in any given year, with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimating the cost of mental health to the UK economy at £70bn per year.

This shows that it is beneficial for both employees and employers to look out for and put into place preventative measures to help those in need before it becomes a massive problem. Here at Wellity we help thousands of people a week by helping their employers to transform their working culture and put process and trainings in place to improve workplace wellbeing. Employers need to create an open culture and allow a safe space for its employees.