Parenting In A Crisis

Updated: May 12, 2021

I should be a better parent

I should be doing more exercise

I should be working harder

In this 10 minute video, Psychosocial Risk Specialist and Wellity COO, Sadie Restorick MSc talks to Simon Scott-Nelson about the invisible influences that seem to define what we think we 'should' or 'shouldn't' be doing ... and the unrealistic expectations that people can set themselves, especially when parenting in a pandemic.

At start of Children's Mental Health Week we also look at the increased pressure that children are under and address some of the sustainable coping methods.

Should employers be more aware of the stresses that parents are under right now and if you have reacted accordingly as an organisation, what measures have you put in place?

Should we all be reducing our expectations right now in line with these increased pressures?

As always - we would be interested in your thoughts. 🙏🏽

Please do also let us know other topics that you likes covered as part of the Wellity Real Talk Series ... ✅

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