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P.A.C.T Wellbeing Collective

There are always multiple things going on behind the scenes here at Wellity and we spend such a long time being excited about each one but have to wait to share them with you guys!

Last week we launched the P.A.C.T. Wellbeing Collective, a community of individuals who have actively taken steps to change workplace cultures for the better and who are considered to be Pioneers. Advancing. Cultural. Transformation.

Our founding members are all people who are dedicated to championing best practice and speaking up about the topics that matter.

Focusing on ‘Innovation through Collaboration’, the collective drives continual improvement through openly sharing best practice and contributions at monthly peer learning events, round tables, national magazine, and an annual gala event.

We are so excited to be working with such amazing people across so many fields!

If you would like to apply to join the P.A.C.T visit our community page on the website or contact one of the team!

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