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Mental Health Awareness week! Monday 10th May - Sunday 16th May: Incorporating nature to the office.

Mental Health Awareness week 2021: Monday 10th May – Sunday 16th May.

Ideas on incorporating nature or natural environments to the office

· Making sure to get as much natural light as possible into your space. Some modern offices have even gone a step further by using circadian lighting systems that change throughout the day, reflecting the natural movement of the sun during the day. Doing so aligns the lighting to people’s circadian rhythm.

· Plants add colour to an interior space. In the office this has been shown to help to relieve stress, improve cognitive health and increase job satisfaction in workers. Living walls are also a great way to bring outdoors in. They do not have to be fixed as there are options for movable living walls which can be shared across a floor the office.

· It is important to monitor air quality within an office as fresh air is very important. If an office is stuffy it can cause headaches and tiredness which has a profound effect on employees being able to perform to a high standard or to feel good within themselves. Plants will also help to purify the air.

· Incorporating natural colours into the office. A study has shown that employees who work in environments with natural elements reported a 13% higher level of wellbeing and are 8% more productive overall, according to a report of 3,600 workers in 8 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Mimicking the outdoors through use of natural elements in the workplace can have a similar effect of walking in the park to employees.

Another recommendation if you have the space is to have a dedicated meditation or relaxation room for employees so that they have an escape. Studies have also found that having a pet friendly office environment has helped employee’s mental wellbeing so if this is an option for you or your company make the suggestion!

Please click here to access our exclusive free guide on how to bring nature into your workplace!!

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