Making Time To Talk

Updated: May 12, 2021

#Burnout, #recovery, accepted behaviour, saying 'no', effective communication in a pandemic, setting #boundaries and #empathy!!

Just a few of the topics covered at Wellity's first 'Big Night Off!' 🥂

In this 9 minute video Sadie Restorick MSc and Simon Scott-Nelson summarise the evening's entertainment and re-live some of the highlights.

Thank you to all of our guests ... including Pam Warren, survivor of the Ladbroke Grove Rail Crash who gave a wonderful analogy of how she has dealt with life following the horrific rail crash in 1999 that killed 31 people and injured 417.

My personal takeaway was that it is never too late for a negative event that has happened in your past to be able to play a positive part in constructing your future.

Thank you so much Julia Robertson-Avenell and her amazing Essex PA Network for coming to us with the idea and also to Liz Rotherham who gave such an uplifting half an hour on self belief, energy management and simply 'talking out.'

We cannot wait for our next Wellity 'Big Night Off'! .... Just deciding now what industry to focus on .... if you have any ideas or would like to be considered, then do please let us know!

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