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Learning at work week 2021: What impact does learning have on our wellbeing?

The new economics foundation researched and developed the following steps

"5 ways to wellbeing".

  1. Connect

  2. Be active

  3. Take notice

  4. Learn

  5. Give

Monday 17th May - Sunday 23rd May is Learning at work week. The above steps are very useful tools in achieving good mental health and wellbeing. This week in particular we should focus on step 4 Learn.

Studies show that learning through life encourages social interaction, builds self confidence and raises self esteem. Learning something new can also help someone to feel a sense of purpose, evidence shows that taking part in work or educational activities can really help people battling depression!

Learning something new does not necessarily mean something academic we aren't all scholars!

Why not try your hand at;

  • Learning to cook or if you already can why not try a tricky dish!

  • Try a new sport

  • Sign up for a free course at your local college or online

  • Put yourself forward for a new responsibility at work

  • Start a blog

  • Pick an era you're interested in and visit a local museum!

  • Learn to play an instrument

There are opportunities to learn all around us in everyday life! Set yourself a goal to learn something new and a time period to complete this in!

"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it." – Albert Einstein

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