How often do you hit SNOOZE?

Why Sleep is so Important for our Mental and Physical Health?

We spend 1/3 of our lives in state of unconscious sleep. Sleep is an essential living function that recharges your body and mind and helps the body remain healthy, clearing toxic wastes from the brain. Sleeping well has a plethora of benefits; it helps to improve your concentration, learning ability, working memory, metabolism, immune system, and heart functioning. However, evidence suggests that 51% (6 out of 10) of adults worldwide have problems getting the recommended amount of sleep (8 hours) and 11% of people in the U.K. say they never get a decent night’s rest.

Not getting enough sleep negatively affects our mental ability and emotional state, often making us feel extremely lethargic, frustrated, unmotivated and unproductive. So, no wonder people hit the snooze button to try and prolong their sleeping period to try and feel more rested. However, the majority of the time, hitting the snooze button actually has the opposite effect.

The Scientific Effects of Hitting Snooze

Research reveals that hitting the snooze button prevents our bodies from getting the restorative sleep that we need. The scientific reasoning for this is that we sleep in a cycle of around 90 minutes that consists of 4 stages: