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'Happy Friday' - Let's share those positive vibes

Positive Affirmations To Start Your Day

Affirmations are a proven and powerful method of creating positive thought patterns. Over time, this can change and motivate your mind to accept these new thoughts as true and act in ways that attract the corresponding positive energy into your life. The more you practice and repeat the affirmations the more you will feel at peace, have a positive inner voice to accompany and serve you, and be able to invite strong, positive energy into every aspect of your life. Reframe your day, every day and put an end to the negative self-talk, for good.

If you think back to when you were at school, not sure about you but I was sometimes naughty! I was then asked to write lines in my text book ' I must not' 'I should not' and so on. These are all repetitive statements in order to flood your mind to ensure you don't do it again, however these are negative connotations, so therefore think how much you could achieve if you replaced this with positive affirmations ..

Set yourself a daily challenge and see the difference it makes ....

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