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GBWWA Roundtable - Phubbing: Are you really present?

This phrase (a neat combo of phone and snubbing) relates to the practice of ignoring another person due to being so engrossed in a mobile device.

The question is, how have the events of the last 16 months affected the way we interact?

❓ Have we become more present in our face-face discussions after months of virtual communication?

❓ How can we communicate with intent and increase engagement and intention by eliminating the distractions and interruptions?

❓ And what about the online equivalent of phubbing? How does it affect the quality of our interactions when a person is multitasking on a group video call, becoming readily distracted by the devices that surround them?

Hosted by our own Simon Scott-Nelson and the GBWWA the table was filled with experts with great insights and advice

- Ellie Caley, Wellity

- Hector Hughes - Unplugged

- Nikita Singh - EY

- Chelsea Peek - CCM

- Nick Looby - Chatbox Productions

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