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Fuel for the Body! Both Mental and Physical

Forget diets, for a healthy overall body and mind you need to get the right fuel. Good nutrition, build muscle not fat.

10 Top Tips to keeping a healthy Mind and Body

Eat Breakfast: This will jump start your metabolism and a great start to the day

Plan your meals: It will help in the long run so you know what you are eating

Drink water: Staying hydrated is at the top of the list

Eat the right foods: Combination of Carbs, Protein and Fats all have a part to play

Take an exercise break: Grab some fresh air this helps with clearing your mind and moving

your body

Go offline: Set a time to log off from that computer and put that phone down !

Learn something New: New skills keep you brain healthy

Sleep well: Good sleep improves your mood, sharpens memory and focus

Train your muscles: Workouts both for the mind and body

Be Mindful: Remain in the present moment

It's so important to look after your Mind and Body, building the right kind of mental and physical strength with the right foods, exercise and self care!


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