"Doing Your Best" and Burnout

I saw this quote pop up on my social media feed today.

It really reminded me just how often people become so caught up in the importance of doing their best and reaching their potential that they lose sight of the fact that doing their best sometimes means stopping and doing nothing.

Taking some time out to rest and reboot is tougher for some people than others. I have a typical high-achiever personality and because I am so driven by my purpose to make a difference across our working community, I have to keep an eye out for the times when I am pushing myself too hard and recognise when I need to stop and put my own needs above that of my work.

Are you a fellow high achiever? Are you driven by a deep motivation to reach your goals, rejecting the prospect of failure and driving forwards with a dogged determination devoid of distractions?

If so, then chances are you might also need to keep an eye out for the signs of burnout. All too often it can become too easy to be consumed by the passion of your work and the desire to excel that you fail to see the signs bubbling beneath the surface. And because burnout occurs over a gradual period of time, it is not always easy to notice the pressure cooker getting hotter and hotter until it reaches boiling point.

So what are the signs?

Broadly the early warnings to look out for fall into three categories...

1) Negativity</