Hitting the Wall - Supporting Staff During the Third Lockdown

Updated: Jan 29

When we encountered the first lockdown, we all pushed to adapt to our situation. New ways of working and living emerged within days as we shifted to a Zoom world of working, virtual family quizzes and Joe Wickes online workouts with the family. It was novel and new.

Now, after two lockdowns and months of virtual working, people are getting sick of Zoom. They are craving human interaction. They’re tired of trying to find the motivation to be positive. And I won’t even share the choice words my friend uttered yesterday when I asked if she would be joining in with Joe’s online PE session. In short, it was a no.

Right now, a lot of people are quite simply exhausted. After much hope for a brighter 2021, the announcement of a third lockdown days into the new year has meant a deep descent on the Coronacoaster. With that, there has been a marked shift in my management discussions as we move from talking about staff anxiety and stress to the current reality where signs of fatigue and low mood are emerging. In training sessions, people are talking less about worry and anxiety and more about emotional exhaustion.

This all leads to higher levels of emotionality. Frustration. Signs of conflict. People have shorter fuses.

It means we have less tolerance. Less focus. Less concentration.