Exercise ... but do it your way!

Updated: May 12, 2021

Physical Wellbeing! .... are we all motivated to get out for a 10K run each day at 5am? ..... ummmm the answer is ... most probably not!

So how do you keep any form of motivation just to get outside??

How can we replicate the social wellbeing part of group exercise that we used to enjoy at gyms or within bootcamp groups?

Is doing something just better than doing nothing?

In this 10 minute video (Real Talk Episode 4) Simon Scott-Nelson talks to Psychological Risk Specialist and Wellity COO, Sadie Restorick MSc about just doing any form of exercise and doing it .... your way.

#PhysicalWellbeing #Wellbeing #GroupMotivation #DoItYourWay #MentalHealth

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