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Book International Women's Day Speaker 2024

Has your organisation considered an inspirational keynote speaker for International Women's Day 2024?

International Women’s Day is a globally celebrated occasion that honours the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. It serves as a powerful platform to raise awareness about gender equality and advocate for women’s rights.

Incorporating an inspirational speaker into International Women’s Day events adds a compelling dimension, offering a voice that can inspire and motivate individuals to actively participate in the ongoing fight for gender equality. An impactful speaker will share personal experiences, highlight success stories, and address the challenges women face, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment among the audience.

You now have the exclusive opportunity to book the newly crowned Role Model of the Year and Overall Woman of the Year, Sadie Restorick for International Women’s Day and witness her powerful presence first-hand.

As a highly thought-provoking speaker, Sade speaks candidly on a range of topics, including women in leadership, CPTSD, courage, compassion, empowerment, identity, and acceptance. With unwavering energy and passion, Sadie has shared her unique insights on international stages. Drawing upon her experience as a female executive in the corporate world and her journey to becoming a successful business owner, she eloquently reflects on how her experiences of trauma, abuse, and recurrent pregnancy loss have profoundly shaped her. Her popular and captivating keynote titled ‘Being Success-FULL’ explores the meaning of success for modern women and delves into topics such as identity, self-worth, and happiness, especially after facing adversity and trauma.

Aviva has said, “Wow, That was EPIC! Sadie exceeded expectations, and I loved it. It was awesome content that spoke to my heart as well as my head! So, THANK YOU! I really needed to hear what she had to say – Sadie has galvanized me and had an impact on me that was deeper than I could have possibly expected.”

20% of all proceeds from bookings will be thoughtfully directed to the esteemed women’s charity Safe Steps, an organisation dedicated to providing crucial support and resources for women in need, ensuring a safer and more secure future for those facing challenging circumstances.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring the brilliance of Sadie to your event, as she continues to pave the way for women to fearlessly persue their dreams - get in touch with the Wellity team today!

Becoming Success-FULL Keynote Title

The word ‘success’ is a highly subjective term, yet certain societal and cultural influences mean that we often draw similar conclusions as to what success truly looks like. This means we can cast assumptions, pass judgement, and fail to empower ourselves and other to truly strive for our own definition of success. It is a time to redefine what success means and rewrite the assumed role and rules in life. This powerful and energetic session will explore the many forms that success can take, beyond a person’s career and family status.


  • Challenge assumptions and judgments associated with traditional definitions of success.

  • Explore diverse forms of success beyond career and family, acknowledging individual aspirations and passions.

  • Redefine societal roles and rules to align with personal visions of success.

  • Develop strategies to overcome societal pressures and external expectations in the pursuit of personal fulfilment.

  • Encourage self-reflection and exploration of values, passions, and aspirations to redefine success.

Sadie Restorick – Great British Businesswoman of the Year 2023

Sadie Restorick Keynoting

Sadie Restorick is Co-founder of Wellity Global and The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards. She is a global speaker, consultant, author and published academic scholar who has specialised in the field of workplace wellbeing and psychological risk management for over thirteen years, driving culture change and leadership development. She is a BA Communications graduate and has extensively studied training needs analysis and design and theories of communication within groups and organisations.

She holds a diploma in Mental Health Awareness and a diploma with distinction from the Fellowship of Associated Stress Consultants. She has also been awarded an MSc with Distinction in Workplace Health and Wellbeing from the globally recognised University of Nottingham. Specific areas of study include the phenomenon of presenteeism, creating psychological cultures, the effectiveness of interventions for tackling stress in the workplace, the impact of digital overload and burnout and the dynamics of leadership.

Great British Businesswoman of The Year Finalist 2022 and Winner 2023, Sadie is a Professional Member of the International Stress Management Association, The Association of Business Psychologists, the Institute of Occupational Health, and the International Institute of Risk Safety Management. She is recognised as a global leader in her field, having worked with some of the largest organisations around the world and has appeared across the international press and online business communities such as the Chartered Management Institute and NatWest Business Hub. Sadie is an internationally recognised keynote speaker, presenting at events including the Wellbeing Summit 2020 and Corporate Wellbeing Expo, European Business Show and has presented her published academic research on work-related stress at the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology Conference.

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