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5 Tips for Leaders to take from Bumble and the Hive!

cartoon bee

1. Co-operation and working together

Although a single honeybee colony consists of between 10,000 to 60,000 bees, they all work together as one in order to keep the hive fully functional and safe. They all have the same goal and all play their own part in getting the job done, no one bee is more important than the other.

2. Preparation and forward thinking

Bees store extra food when they can in order to have reserves for when times are harder. Having a proactive approach at work is very beneficial for both leaders and employees. Always be educated and prepared so as not to add extra stresses to your day when things don’t go a certain way. Think ahead and plan!

3. Share the load and fair opportunities

Much like in a workplace, as bees mature they move on to new positions within the hive. This means that they are all very well trained and know the hive inside out. This provides cover during an absence or emergency as they will revert back to the position they are required to fill in for. Flexibility is very beneficial in the hive and in a working environment.

4. Communication

Bees communicate very efficiently using small vibrations and pheromones, they have to make sure that clear and correct instructions are passed along the line. In the workplace we have many effective ways of communicating and it is important that these tools are used, not only using technology but verbal and non-verbal communication. This is not only key when it comes to getting work done but also when looking after employee wellbeing – often by regularly asking employees how they are doing. Show them that you are approachable and they are appreciated.

5. Staff are the key

The queen bee is the leader of the hive, she generally stays inside the hive whilst her colony go out into the world and do their various jobs. It is the team behaving as one and chasing the same goal which allows her to do her job of laying eggs and repopulating the hive. In the workplace, although there may be a leader/manager they are only as good as their staff. The team needs to be working together and towards the goal of the company in an environment where they feel appreciated and heard!

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