11 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Dogs About Health and Happiness

I have long been a dog lover and dogs have been in my family since I was a baby. As such it probably comes as no surprise that long dog walks are at the top of my list when it comes to de-stressing and unwinding; nothing beats it.

After two truly beautiful jaunts out to the river this weekend, I started thinking just how much we can learn from our fluffy four-legged friends, particularly in embracing simple ways to live a more healthy and happy existence.

So, as it’s the weekend I thought I’d take a moment to take a break from articles about the workplace and instead share my top 11 lessons from the canine world for chasing the dream of a happy and healthy life.

1. Make time to stretch, rest and sleep

After a long run, dogs listen to their bodies and curl up for a snooze to recharge the batteries. Sometimes we need to do the same...making a conscious choice to stop, take a long stretch and rest.

Our minds and bodies need the time to recover from the demands of life. Sleep is natures reset button and provides the opportunity for our brains to repair and process all the information received from the day.