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Personal & Professional Development for Employees


Wellity Global are renowned for providing a highly interactive and engaging style of delivery. Attendee participation is optimised using a range of techniques such as group discussions, QR codes, Mentimeter and simulated text exchanges to engage different learner styles. Using customised case studies and interactive exercises, the learning experience and outcomes are guaranteed to be powerful and effective.

Being success-FULL

This powerful and energetic session will explore the many forms that success can take, beyond a person’s career and family status. It will explore what modern women really want, and how to empower every person on their own individual and changing journey towards success.

Flourishing on the Frontline

Frontline and customer-facing roles can often be challenging. The session emphasizes the significance of connection, teamwork, and support in fostering a positive and productive work environment. Participants will learn how to handle difficult and confrontation interactions by discovering effective strategies and techniques to reset and refresh their purpose and drive.

Mastering Time: Unlocking Your Productivity Potential

During this session, you will explore the key principles of time management and discover practical strategies for prioritising tasks and managing time effectively.

The Art of Effective Communication

This training explores the art of effective communication, providing practical skills for clear expression, active listening, and managing challenging conversations.

Empowering Women in the Workplace

This session aims to raise awareness about gender inequality's impact on women at work. It seeks to empower women with the skills and confidence to overcome barriers and assert themselves professionally.

Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

In this high pressured and challenging world, it can be difficult for individuals to know how to cope with their emotional responses to events and people and gain emotional control. Yet our ability to effectively harness the power of emotional intelligence and confidently manage our interactions with others is a crucial life skill.

Psychological Safety: The Secret to Sales Success

By fostering a comprehensive understanding of psychological safety, attendees will learn how to create an environment that nurtures confidence, resilience, and authentic connections. Gain the tools to unleash your full potential, embrace failure, and foster a work culture that empowers individuals to thrive and drive unparalleled sales success.

The Flexidus: Making Working Work for Women

This session will define the true meaning of flexible working in the future world of work, and why it can be beneficial for both organisations and individuals. It will help to identify ways to make flexible working work for women, and guide attendees on ways they express their own needs and create flex-appeal with their employer.

Female Talent: Turning Attrition into Attraction

This session tackles female talent attrition by identifying contributing factors and developing strategies to attract and retain female employees. It promotes gender equality in leadership and implements tailored mentoring and career development programs to support female employees.

Let's Shatter The Zoom Ceiling

This session tackles challenges for women in virtual work, promoting gender diversity and inclusivity. It enhances digital communication skills for greater visibility and encourages inclusive policies for work-life balance and career growth.

Project Management Essentials: From Planning to Success

In today’s dynamic business environment, the ability to effectively manage projects is of high importance. Through a combination of interactive discussions, case studies, and hands-on exercises, you will gain the necessary skills to plan, execute, and monitor projects with confidence.

Request Our 22/23 Workplace Wellbeing Brochure

Request a copy of the Wellity Global 22/23 Workplace Wellbeing brochure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer training to help with burnout?

We offer a range of titles to support employees, line managers and senior leaders in both the prevention and recovery of burnout. Download our brochure to view our full range of burnout courses.

Can you help my team build better relationships?

Great relationships are the secret to successful businesses, so we offer a range of courses to support with relationship buildings at team and management level.

Do you offer training on dealing with failure?

At Wellity Global we see failure as fuel to succeed so offer a range of courses and training series that help employees deal with failure. Contact our team for a free consultation to find out more.

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