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Inclusive Leadership 

About The Programme

We all come to work with the expectation that we are going to be treated appropriately – be shown respect, have our ideas and opinions listened to, be provided with the information we need to do our jobs and feel safe. This training session will empower attendees with the awareness and knowledge to
cooperate and communicate with respect, embrace differences, address concerns in a constructive way and help contribute towards a collective vision built on a collaborative, respectful and harmonious work culture.


  • Envisaging what a positive and inclusive working environment looks like

  • Understand the benefits of fostering a positive and inclusive working environment and working relationships

  • Discover ways to communicate effectively and professionally

  • Explore the barriers to inclusivity including unconscious bias, communication styles, cultural differences and group representation

  • Practical ways leaders can make the working environment more inclusive

Request Our 22/23 Workplace Wellbeing Brochure

Request a copy of the Wellity Global 22/23 Workplace Wellbeing brochure.

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