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Stress Awareness & Management

About The Programme

As a manager, it is vital that you have the knowledge and skills to practically tackle stress in the workplace. This includes understanding aspects of the workplace that could be detrimental to staff
wellbeing and taking steps to manage these risks accordingly. This course is designed to give you an indication of the different factors associated with stress as recognised and some actions to consider to actively tackle sources of stress. It will explore the practical tips for recognising and managing stress
in a proactive and healthy way.


  • Understanding stress and anxiety

  • Learning about the brain under stress

  • Exploring the dynamic between pressure and performance 

  • Discovering the coping strategies to deal with stress 

Request Our 22/23 Workplace Wellbeing Brochure

Request a copy of the Wellity Global 22/23 Workplace Wellbeing brochure.

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