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Management Training Topics


Wellity Global are well-known for delivering management training programs that emphasize interactivity and engagement. Our approach maximizes attendee participation through a variety of techniques tailored to different learner styles. These include stimulating group discussions, QR codes for instant access to resources, Mentimeter for real-time audience interaction, and simulated text exchanges to foster engagement. By incorporating customized case studies and interactive exercises, we ensure that the learning experience is not only powerful but also effective in achieving desired outcomes.

View our most popular management training topics  covering a range of subjects from mental health first aid to leadership development training.

Creating a Mentally Healthy Working Culture

This course is aimed at helping managers build psychologically safe working cultures where people can talk honestly and openly about their mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Inclusive Leadership 

This training session will empower attendees with the awareness and knowledge to cooperate and communicate with respect, embrace differences, address concerns in a constructive way and help contribute towards a collective vision built on a collaborative, respectful and harmonious work culture.

Unlocking the Power
of Neurodivergent Talent

In this session, we explore how to unlock the potential of Neurodivergent talent as well as providing wider neurodiversity training.

Nurturing a Growth Mindset in your Team

An interactive and practical workshop designed to help you as a manager support your team through failure to experiment with your growth mindset and supporting your team through vulnerability and failure.

Leading Through Change

This session will equip attendees with the skills to adapt to change and inspire and motivate others to follow their lead.

Conflict and Confrontation - Managing Difficult Conversations

Designed for the challenges of the present day, including a series of interactive elements to help participants produce a personal action plan for positive change.

Leading a Virtual Team

Communication, trust, monitoring workload and wellbeing status are some of the challenges that managers face on a daily basis.

Building Positive

Managers who hone their verbal and written communication skills see the results in the effectiveness of their teams. They are move successful in communicating change, delivering feedback, building collaboration, and getting results. 

Stress Management & Awareness

This course is designed to give you an indication of the different factors associated with stress and some actions to consider to actively tackle sources of stress.

The Resilient Leader

This seminar will reveal the proactive ways a leader can embed resilient strategies in their teams.

Leading a High Functioning and Thriving Team

This session explores high functioning mental health
and imposter syndrome, and discovers ways to successfully lead your team.

Psychosocial Risk Management

We explore the Identification, Surveillance and Management of Psychosocial Risks and equip attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the cause and consequences of these hazards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of management training do you offer?

There are a variety of management training topics we offer including stress awareness, inclusive leadership, conflict resolution, resilllence, and more. To find out more about the management training topics we can deliver, download our brochure.

Do you offer conflict resolution training?

Equipping leadership teams with the skills to resolve conflict is vital for a harmonious workplace. To learn more about our conflict resolution training download our brochure or book a free consultation with our team.

How can you support neurodivergent members of your team?

There are a number of ways you can support neurodivergent members of your team from sharing resources on awareness days to providing training to leadership teams. To learn more, book a meeting with our team who can discuss our range of neurodiversity training titles with you.

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