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Lifestyle & Physical Health for Employees


Wellity Global are renowned for providing a highly interactive and engaging style of delivery. Attendee participation is optimised using a range of techniques such as group discussions, QR codes, Mentimeter and simulated text exchanges to engage different learner styles. Using customised case studies and interactive exercises, the learning experience and outcomes are guaranteed to be powerful and effective.

Booze, Banter, and Burnout: Breaking the Cycle of Unhealthy Habits

This seminar explores reasons behind men adopting harmful coping mechanisms in the workplace, such as drinking and banter, leading to mental health decline, chronic stress, and burnout. We analyse societal factors like expectations, gender norms, and workplace pressures influencing these behaviours. Detrimental effects on mental health are discussed alongside practical tools for healthier alternatives.

'Daddy Cool' - The Pressure of Modern Parenthood

This session is designed to discover the pressures of modern fatherhood and how dad and father figures can look after their own mental health whilst trying to do it all on ways they express their own needs and create flex-appeal with their employer.

Fuelling Your Body on the 9-5

This session will help you discover how to fuel your body for energy and sustainable performance. It will explore practical tips for eating in a healthy way, particularly those with busy lives who sometimes find it challenging to prioritise nutritional intake.

Let's Get Moving - Staying Active

This training will help explore practical ways to become more mobile and active in a way that is realistic and achievable, developing an understanding of the importance of movement for all aspects of our wellbeing.

Men's Health MOT

This informative and enlightening session will explore the barriers to men accessing advice for both their mental and physical health, raising awareness of the issues faced by men and how to overcome them.

Setting Boundaries, Achieving Balance

Setting and enforcing boundaries can be tough, especially as modern working lives become more increasingly integrated with our home environment. The key is to implement healthy techniques, communicate effectively, disrupt technological interruptions, and create personal identifiers.

The M Word - Let's All Talk About The Menopause

This session aims to raise awareness among employees on the challenges faced by people during peri-menopause and menopause. We also discover ways to help manage both of these parts of a woman’s life cycle in the workplace.

Working Out Your Mind Muscle

In this session, we will be looking at how you can build your mental strength and energy with simple and practical tips, as well as looking at how we can get our daily dose of happy hormones from everyday activities.

Breaking Bad Habits Programme

An interactive, engaging and energetic series designed to break bad habits and teach attendees how and why to create healthier routines that last.

Discovering a Physically Healthy Future

An empowering and engaging physical health programme designed to promote overall wellbeing and healthy living. With a focus on education, practical skills, and lifestyle adjustments, this programme empowers participants to take charge of their health and enhance their quality of life.

Healthy Hacks and Habits for Life

This training focuses on exploring the synergy between the mind and body, providing practical strategies to improve eating habits, enhance sleep routines, incorporate NEAT movements, and apply the neuroscience of habit formation.

Maximise Your Energy for Optimal Performance

This training is designed to help individuals harness their energy effectively to achieve optimal and sustainable performance. Participants will learn strategies and techniques to manage their energy levels, enhance productivity, and maintain overall wellbeing, resulting in increased engagement and sustainable success.

Navigating The Journey of Life

An empowering programme that recognises and supports employees through significant milestones and challenges encountered in their personal and professional lives. 

The 6-Month Wellness Programme

Embark on a comprehensive health and wellness journey with our 6-month programme. Explore different topics each month to enhance your overall wellbeing.

The Secret to Sleeping Soundly

Sleep is very important for everyone, regardless of age. This session will explore sleep hygiene, chronotypes and simple but effective ways to get a restful and quality night’s sleep.

Breaking Bad Habits For Lasting Change

Discover the neuroscience behind habit transformation and learn practical strategies to overcome addiction, alcohol dependency, sugar cravings, and other unhealthy habits. This training provides a concise yet comprehensive understanding of habit loops, neuroplasticity, and effective techniques to rewire the brain for positive change.

Disrupting Digital Burnout

The modern working world has been driven by a rapid advancement in technological growth. This session will help attendees to get their sense of work life balance back, redefining their priorities and exploring ways to mentally and digitally switch off, particularly in a hybrid world.

Let's Connect: Celebrating Friendships and Combatting Isolation

This session delves into the importance of fostering friendships in the workplace to combat isolation and promote social wellbeing. It will provide practical strategies for building and nurturing friendships with colleagues, even in remote or hybrid work environments.

Men Who Care: Celebrating Male Caregivers

This session aims to shed a light on the journeys of male caregivers and explore the unique challenges they face. It will explore the multifaceted roles and responsibilities that male caregivers navigate, including managing careers, family dynamics, and self-care.

Positive Masculinity: From Boys To Men

This workshop is aimed at expanding young individuals’ understanding of what it means to exhibit positive masculinity and highlighting the choices they have within this realm. We will raise awareness of the ever-growing misogynistic communities that children are accessing online, emphasising the need for a counter-narrative.

The MANual for Middle-Age

In this session, we delve into the unique challenges faced by middle-aged men. This pivotal phase often brings about a range of emotions, uncertainties, and transformations that can leave men feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.

Waking Up to Women's Health: The Story of 'Sara'

This session will raise awareness of some of the specific issues affecting the modern woman, following the story of ‘Sara’, and the health issues faced across her career, including fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, PCOS, and menopause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer training to help with burnout?

We offer a range of titles to support employees, line managers and senior leaders in both the prevention and recovery of burnout. Download our brochure to view our full range of burnout courses.

Can you help my team build better relationships?

Great relationships are the secret to successful businesses, so we offer a range of courses to support with relationship buildings at team and management level.

Do you offer training on dealing with failure?

At Wellity Global we see failure as fuel to succeed so offer a range of courses and training series that help employees deal with failure. Contact our team for a free consultation to find out more.

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