At Wellity, we believe that events bring people together.

Social wellbeing is high up on our agenda and we believe that there is nothing better than bringing people together for a common cause.


Our events help to unite, educate and inspire by creating a community that gives back and wants to make a difference, both in and out of the working world. 

Our Wellbeing Events  

Our Upcoming Event


A training seminar aimed at accountancy and legal professionals and brought to your in partnership with recruitment specialists AJ Chambers.

Tues 16th March 2021 


Returning to the Working


The Big Night Off

with Pam Warren  

An evening dedicated to the wellbeing of professionals in the support industry, brought to you as part of Time To Talk Day 2021.

Our Previous Events


Thur 4th Feb 2021


It's Your Round-Take One For Your Team

Launched in conjunction with International Men's Day on Thursday 19th November 2020, this is a campaign to make a difference to the mental health of men and boys across the world. Enter your details to access our launch event recording and to be notified of future events.


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