Fully customised learning solutions for your people.

The Leading Solution For Wellbeing In The Workplace 

An industry leading complete range of corporate solutions to optimise employee health and wellbeing and transform working cultures. Making “being the best you” not just an accepted ambition, but a consistent goal for all to achieve.

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Fully customised learning solutions for your people.



A complete online solution for managing staff wellbeing

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An evidence approach to wellbeing optimisation.



Our data driven services to gain valuable insight about your wellbeing needs

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Globally recognised world class inspirational and motivational speakers 

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Gain certification in best practice using our industry standard framework for best practice


A network of global industry leaders in the field of mental and physical wellbeing, we provide solutions based on prevention, management and recovery of poor health. 

With an executive team boasting over twenty combined field experience and thousands of happy clients, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. We are extremely client centric in our approach and client needs, expectations and strategy provide the context for everything we do.

Our clients are remarkably diverse: large and small and private and public, for-profit and non-profit. Every solution is bespoke to the business and the needs of their people; one size certainly doesn't fit all. We work with every client as a professional wellbeing partner to help them and their workforce to thrive.

  • Inclusivity: Promoting good health and wellbeing for all

  • Integrity: Honest, open and authentic actions

  • Courage: Being bold to shape a better future

Our Values

  • Passion: Committing from the Heart, Mind and Soul 

  • Accountability: Taking ownership for all we do

  • Collaboration: Connecting the power of the collective

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We work closely with our clients to develop customised training solutions. Our services include the development of training videos to promote the sessions internally and also to be used within the training to bring the content to life. We work hard to create an engaging, inspiring learning experience to evoke powerful change. 

This video we designed as part of a customised training package developed for managers on the subject of Understanding Suicide. 

Understanding Suicide
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“"I am proud to be involved with Wellity because we have same desire and that is to help people ‘achieve’ against whatever stresses and adversity they come across in life. We can never remove doubt from people’s lives, but we can replace uncertainty with a degree of certainty.” 



Our Current Programmes

Throughout the year we design training packages to meet the needs of the global workforce. We are offering a number of bespoke solutions based on the events of 2020. This includes:

  • A comprehensive e-learning programme

  • A 3hr virtual workshop THRIVE

  • A 12-week programme GLOW: Designed to support staff through the winter months 

Contact us for a detailed curriculum and pricing for any of these packages.

Our Campaigns

We run a number of campaigns to make a difference to the wellbeing of our global communities, addressing the real issues affecting the modern world. In 2020, we launched our "It's Your Round" campaign in conjunction with International Men's Day on Thursday 19th November 2020, this is a campaign to make a difference to the mental health of men and boys across the world.  

Discover more by visiting our campaign page.


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