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Flourishing on the Frontline

About The Programme

Frontline and customer-facing roles can often be challenging. They commonly involve difficult and confrontational customer behaviour, volatile interactions, tension and high working demands, frequently leaving staff feeling tired, demoralised and demotivated.

Establishing the importance of connection, teamwork and support Amplified by the events of the last few years, and the subsequent heightened levels of emotionality, and fatigue, it is therefore extremely common for front-line workers to struggle with the overwhelm of their working life, particularly in the face of terse communication, microaggressions and unfair treatment. This 1hr training will explore these challenges and equip attendees with the insight and information to reconnect with their sense of purpose and motivation.


  • Discovering ways to deal with difficult and confrontational interactions

  • Identifying when and how to give yourself a B.R.E.A.K. 

  • Learning how to reset and refresh levels of purpose and drive

  • Establishing the importance of connection, teamwork and support

Request Our 22/23 Workplace Wellbeing Brochure

Request a copy of the Wellity Global 22/23 Workplace Wellbeing brochure.

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