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Are you biased? Understanding Unconscious Bias

About The Programme

Unconscious bias refers to a bias that we are unaware of and which happens outside of our control. It is a bias that happens automatically and is triggered by our brain making quick decisions. As human beings, we are all subject to unconscious bias (also known as implicit bias) in one way or another, but the more we are aware of this, the more we can mitigate it.  This training course is designed to help attendees understand their own personal unconscious bias and the impact this can have on those around them. 


  • Fully understand the concept of unconscious bias

  • Explore why managing unconscious bias is crucial for development

  • Develop practical techniques for challenging personal bias

  • Discover ways to contribute to a positive and inclusive work culture

Request Our 22/23 Workplace Wellbeing Brochure

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